Monday, February 27, 2006

An Excuse to Image Host

Yeah, this isn't really an entry, just hosting an image. I want this for the new Debate Logo.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

System Status: Offline

Ugggg....what a freakin long couple of days. Had a debate tournament down south a ways, spent the night. The school was the one that the State Competition in a Month is going to be in so that was kinda a bummer. I always like to get to see whatever huge school it's going to be in and this one wasn't all that impressive.

Anyway, the results were spectacular though. I won FX Outright. 1st place. Not only that, I got 1st in Prelims and 1st in Semies, in addition to 1st place. Really kick ass. Then I got 2nd place in Impromptu. It's a blow off "for fun" event, but that's still pretty damn cool. Then I got 5th place in Student Congress. I think I did a bit better than that, but oh well. Stuff happens. So I'm qualified for state in FX, LD Debate, and Congress now. Pretty darn cool.

Spent most of my time with my gf while I was there. We're doing most awesome. Her sister is expecting, so she's excited about getting to be an Aunt in the next 9 months or so.

My iPod scared me the other day though. I thought the Harddrive in the thing crapped out on me, but apparently there was just some serious data corruption or somethin. I let it sit for a couple of days then I got back last night and tried to reformat it and it worked so I loaded the music back on and I'm guessing it'll work okay now. Have to see though. If not, I'm gonna get one of those big 20 Gig iRivers.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sweet Metroid Prime!

Ugg...the Lugian said what now? Long time no post...

What's been goin on....

Girlfriend and I are doing wonderful. Very good relationship, couldn't be luckier or happier....

Finished up a Defensive Driving course...IQ is now 30 points lower. I have solved the mystery of why those courses's not to inform you, or teach you anything...that's bullshit. The real reason they make the course like that is to scare you shitless. Not of what might happen if you're a dumbass behind the wheel, or of what the "law" will do to, it's to terrify you of having to ever take that course again. They don't demand your soul, they don't ask for your first born...they want your money and a big chunk of your brain and some of us can't pay that much.

I've developed a slight Battlefield 2 addiction...very small. It's sort of like a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. MMOFPS. There's a ranking system and on the majority of servers, the better you do, the more points you get. As you get more points, you can rank up and get cooler weapons. I'm a Corporal right now and about 1000 points away from being a Seargent. I have like 1500 points I think. It's all cool. I hate playing as mideast or, as I like to call them, "ragfags" though. Something about having all the comm chatter be in Arabic grates on me. You'll be sitting there trying to nail some guy and all of a sudden what sounds like an earsplitting shriek will come over the comm, but it's really the commander or someone issuing an order. Course, by then you're so screwed up the guy you were trying to shank has come back around and used your distraction to kill you and then riddle your corpse with bullets, the gaming equivilent of an unspoken "fuck you, prickface". Thus the game is elevated from simple competition into the realm of "personal vendettas".

Homework sucks. I shall say no more.

I'll be hosting the TFA Debate Tourny at my school next weekend. That shall suck. THen next weekend is some UIL thing. More suckiness. Then after that there will be other things. And they shall suck too.

Oh, and the leader of Iran is gay. Gaygaygaygaygaygaygay. He may not know he's gay, but he is rooty tooty, fresh'n fruity. And I dunno who the people who put him in power are, but they're gay too. Click on the text that says "leader of Iran" and you will join me in screaming "GAY!".

Friday, December 16, 2005

*blissful sigh*

Ooohhhh today was soooo wonderful. My girlfriend and I spent 6 hours over at my house....oh man that was great. We watched a movie that was weird but really good together, then played a game, and mum was nice enough to fix dinner and let her stay for that, then we talked and held eachother while listening to music in my room. *sighs happily* Mmm....that's about the best day I've had in a long time. Possibly ever. I can't wait till we see eachother again. And I really hope we get another day like this.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

*sighs blissfully* and my girlfriend went shopping for eachother for Christmas today. Ohh it was so good. The mall was really crowded, and that was a bit of a bummer, but we got to spend time in checkout lines holding eachother, so that made up for it. We went out to eat at Joe's Crabshack after my parents took a Christmas Card pic of me and my bro, then took a couple of pics of me and my sweetie. They turned out pretty good. Course, we do look pretty swell together.

Anyway, this was a really good day. She and I are hoping we can spend tomorrow evening at my house. Maybe we can watch a movie or something in the game room. There's a nice futon we can curl up together on. *sighs happily* Being with her is's really the most wonderful thing in the world. She just couldn't be a better girlfriend.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


The choir's Christmas concert is next Tuesday! We're doing two different things. First, we're doing a really beautiful, traditional Christmas Mass service. First time our choir has done a full work of a composer in years, so we're pretty pumped over that one. I know I'm pretty excited to be a part of it.

The second piece is a more fun, light hearted "regular" Christmas piece. "Mister Santa", "Deck the Halls", songs like that. I get a solo! It's a really long one two. Like a minute and a half. I sing most of "I"ll be Home for Chirstmas". Very sweet.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

*drools* (click me)

Okay...with the exception of my drop dead gorgeous girlfriend (which, btw sweetie, you looked outrageously good today, love that pink sweater/shirt thing..I believe you know the outfit I'm talking about), this is about the sexiest thing ever. Ctrl-Alt-Del is going to have an animated series now. That is just too freaking awesome.

The only bad thing about this is, it costs 20 bucks a year and all you get is 12, 4 minute episodes. I may like split the cost with someone and share an account. Maybe my bro or someone.

That trailer does look cool though....

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


She said yes! She said yes! She said yes! My best friend and I were talking last night and we started talking about us and we both got really antsy and nervous and we worked around to agreeing to stop bsing outselves and then I asked her if she would be my girl friend and accept my love as such and she said YES! Oh my GOD it was wonderful! We spent 5 hours talking last night and we didn't want to quit then, but we're going to be together as much as possible today and didn't want, much, to spend it just sleeping together on a couch somewhere. But oh God that was great....I've never felt anything so wonderful in all my life....hehe, we were both fascinated calling eachother boyfriend and girlfriend.....hehehe...

Monday, November 21, 2005

Polish Monkey!

Whooooaaaaa...long time no post. Let's see, what's happened recently....

On the social I've had two choir event since last post. The first was region. My best friend and I spent the day flirting a good deal with eachother. Nothing relaly major there. The next was the Region Clinic. We spent the entire day all over eachother, rubbing eachother's backs, cuddling, and then I kissed the side of her head and said I love you when I took her home. Then over the course of the week we started off not doing anything, then got progressively closer, with me being able to rub her back and neck and not have her jump. She's a touch on the...uneasy side with such things, and is very ticklish, so normally I can't do anything like rub her back or hold her without her squirming away laughing or something. Then the past weekend was a Speech and Debate tourny we both went We spent both days cuddling and rubbing eachother's backs, then on the way home saturday, we had a 45 minute ride home, so we curled up together under my jacket and fell asleep holding hands, our heads together. That was just an awesome feeling.....anyway, we talked Sunday night and were very....lovey. Best way to say it. Anyway, we're supposed to go out together and see the new Harry Potter movie and then hang out. Her twin sis wants to go, and I suppose I'm okay with it, but both of us are kinda reluctant and wanna go alone. Well...check that, we want to go alone but at the same time want a group. I said it'd be okay if we take her sis along and left the decision up to her. I think we might actually be going to finally, as my other friend puts it, quit buill shiting eachother and actually be honest about our relationship. Lord I hope so....

Let's see, took care of the ticket I got. I had to pay court fees and I'm on probation for like 90 days, which is basically "If you so much as look guilty, we can string you up." under this completely bull shit legal system we have. Soon as I take over the world, I'm executing each and every single bureaucrat in the nation. IE: 95% of government workers. Long as I don't get into a wreck or speed or do anything, it's cool.

I'm qualified for State in Lincoln-Douglas Debate now...whoot. Hopefully I'll qual in Foreign Extemp speaking too.

New Link:

That's a very cool site with lots of hillarious videos. The ones with college guys, lighter fluid (or gas), and matches are the best. I can't wait to go college.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Pillar of Autumn

Whoot! We had our first Choir concert of the year...duuuuuddeee that was sooooo awesome. First time my school's had a men's choir in forever and we rocked. Best choir concert the school's had in ages and I got to be in it. Word!

It actually DID get cold here and stayed cold for two days. Well..semi 21C or so. 70F.

OHhhh and apparently if my best friend's sister was flirting with me, it was "unintentional". She has the hotts for another guy, so dodged a bullet there.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Truth and Reconciliation

First and foremost, we're "supposed" to be getting the first cold front of the year sometime in the next 36 hours. Assuming Lewis Black isn't right and Meterologist doesn't mean "liar" in English, it should get down to a whopping 77 degrees here. That's 25 degrees for those of you stuck on Celcius. Those in the Northern lattitudes, enjoying temperatures far lower than that may laugh, but it's better than the 90F/33C we've been having. Click on the link in the title (IE: Just click on the title) to see what those of us down here think of such weather.

Anyway, I had a fender bender last week....really freaking pissed me off. It was raining and my breaks don't work in the rain (I have a 1968 Mustang with the old style breaks) too well so when I pushed on the break pedal for a stop light, they didn't work. I pushed again and only one side worked, sending me into a spin whereby I broad sided the car in the lane next to me. Thank God for superior steel and construction used in old fender and bumper are a bit bent. The truck I hit had it's front driver side fender and door completely trashed. Door didn't even fit in the frame properly anymore. No injuries fortuantly, but I got a ticket from *long string of racial and intellectual invectives* cop. Thou may call me a bigot myself, but how else do you explain her 1. Failure to understand the concept of "beyond anyone's ability to prevent due to nature of the equipment" 2. Issuing the ticket for "Failure to control speed" and 3. Fact that she was an old mexican woman and the person I hit was an old mexican woman.

Oh...and stuff yeah....I'm a wee bit freaked...cause for the past week, my best friend's sister has, I think...been flirting with me. And I've been flirting back without thinking about it. So yeah...I'm a wee bit freaked since this is the twin sister of my best friend, the one I had a crush on for like a year and a half....I'm not gonna do anything about it right now though.....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Uggg...PMS sucks. THat would be the explanation my best friend gave...

Anyway, apparently she wasn't pissed at me, things are fine now, healing process begins. Thank you God for small favors....

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lord Help and Forgive Me

My God...this has been about the worst week of my life. I don't want to go into all the details, but basically I think I may have seriously hurt my best friend and driven her away from me. I don't know yet, because I haven't been able to talk to her all day, but my God I'm scared right now...if I've lost her, I don't know how I'm going to recover. I don't think I can take losing the most wonderful person in my life....especially not when I need them most.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I wrote a sonnet about my current love life..I think it's rather good.


We danced around each other for months, years,

Ever we flirted, never a couple,

Friend and then best friend, whispers in our ears;

We care, we love, we want, what’s the trouble?

You have all that I want, all that I need,

I give all you’ve not had, all that you want,

Yet still you refuse me, making me bleed,

My heart you have broken, my soul you daunt,

Emotion and gentleness, both have failed me,

Logic and reason are my last option,

I fear they will fail too, please hear my plea,

Let me love you, let us feel elation.

Breathlessly I await thine word a new,

Feverishly I pray, Dieu avec vous.

All the webs broken, all the tools fall broken from my hands. At the end, nothing works. - Marine General Kemal Scaragoglu

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane? Pah!

So much for Rita. Supposed to come smack where I live (Corpus Christi) but now it looks like Louisiana is gonna get pwned again. Or maybe Houston. Hopefully it'll just decide to go and finish the job in New Orleans. Nobody there anyway.

We had originally planed to fly out today, but there's no point now so we're just trying to work up the energy to go and undo the boards over the windows...

And my poor best friend...she asked the guy out Wednesday. Not only did he say, no, not only was his excuse lame (Uh...I was planning on asking this other girl out...) but he lied to boot. I had asked him, twice, what his plans were and the first time he said "Well, I think I'll go but probably not with anyone." and the second time "Oh, there's nobody I wanna ask out and I don't think I'll be going anyway." And the second time was only a few hours before my best friend asked him out. Oh and furthermore, the girl he said he was going to ask out already has a steady boyfriend and has had'em for about a year or so and I would be somewhat surprised to learn he didn't know that. Oh, I suppose this all could be innnocent...perhaps he changed his mind over the day. And the fact that he spent two days with said girl having her help him with a project he's doing this year that she had to do last year might indicate he has some sort of affection for her beyond friends. HOwever, the odds of him not knowing about her bf, precisely because of that time together, are slim. My best friend's not sure what she wants to do about yet. God be with her, whatever she does.